Getting it Right For You from Your Wedding Photographer

 Short Registry Occasion? > Preparations? > Ceremony? > Reception? > Evening? > + Optional, Green Screen, Photobooth Style Set Up?

Every occasion is different and so it is better to discuss your particular requirements and I can come up with a price that is right just for you. To keep costs down for clients I prefer not to offer the more traditional 'package options' (e.g. gold/ silver/ platinum) which often obscure costs within the total. Please phone for a chat.

  All photographs are professionally edited and a private, on-line viewing gallery is set up for all family and friends to freely view photographs.   

I provide you with a dvd (minimum 300, high resolution photographs)  which you can view on a computer or Smart TV - which is  'copyright free' for you to freely print.


There are so many options with albums, including mini books for parents, etc., it's better to discuss this and get a better idea from samples I can actually show you. 

Variations in  prices can be accommodated to suit your particular you have the day that is right for just you, at the best value.

Why not make me an initial call to discuss or arrange a free, no obligation, half hour meeting at a  mutually agreeable place, anytime where I can show you photographs, albums, and answer any initial queries?

All subsequent client meetings; venue pre-visits, planning; travel costs, album proofs, etc., are included in the fees quoted.

Included in any quote you receive - for those who prefer a list:-

1. Free, no obligation meeting, if required, to see if you would feel happy working with me and to show you examples of my work.

2. Pre-meeting with you a couple of weeks before the date to check everything through and make a  list of particular photos/ groups required - just as a starting guide.

3. I pre-visit all venues just before the event to check everything is OK.

4. Attendance through-out event - taking mainly informal 'reportage photos' -  plus those group ones/ etc particulalry requested, so you get the whole day recorded, with everything that goes on.

5. Post production/ editing work checking every photo for you to enhance it to its best.

6. All photos secure on-line for you, family and friends to freely view, usually within two weeks.

7. Followed up with all photos on a disk or usb for you to freely print, etc - delivered to you.

8. Ordering system online for prints/ frames/ etc - if guests would like to order - delivered to them.

9. Whole range of album options if required.


Phone: 01702 346 830             Mobile/Text: 07706 154 153